How to Get Your Free eSIM for Travel

Traveling abroad, regardless of where you live & where you go, should be exciting! It’s a carefree time to enjoy new cultures, meet new people, and make beautiful memories.

What’s not so exciting is an unexpected phone bill when you get back, collaged with hundreds of dollars of international data roaming fees. Why’d you have to post that Instagram picture while in Rome? Was it necessary to text those photos from the Eiffel Tower to your parents back home?

While some people might try to sacrifice their screen time and turn their phone completely off while they’re traveling, let's be honest – it’s just not sustainable. Not only is it a pain, but it’s a safety concern – if you need to use your phone while traveling abroad, you shouldn’t be plagued by worry about the inevitable bill from your phone’s carrier. Even for those with international roaming plans – there has to be a better way.

How to Get Your Free eSIM for Travel

If you’re planning international travel – whether it’s a week or five – it can be overwhelming to plan just the essentials. From booking hotels to making travel plans, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to communicate with friends and family at home, post on social media, or browse the web looking for the local best restaurant on your first night.

Using a free eSIM app like USIMS can easily take the stress out of traveling with your technology – offering cost-effective, easy, and secure plans that give you access to online connection without ever having to bother with heading to your carrier’s physical store or waiting for a call center representative to walk you through a travel plan. Start worrying about reservations, beach days, and outfit planning instead of racking up a bill from using your phone abroad.

An eSIM is an alternative to travel plans and even a physical SIM card that allows you access to data roaming cellular plans while you’re traveling. Instead of going through the trouble of purchasing another physical SIM card for your phone or paying $10 per day with your current carrier – whether it’s Verizon, AT&T or another – a free eSIM can be automatically added to your phone right from an app.

Choosing your plan, travel country, and preferred experience is easy through the app – giving you instant access to data roaming, calls, and texts without ever leaving the comfort of home (or wherever you happen to be).

Traveling, Data Roaming, & New eSIM Technology

Data roaming is essentially an all-encompassing term for data services on your cellular phone – it’s what happens when you disconnect from WiFi and use apps, social media, or browse the web. When you’re at home or traveling domestically, typically your data carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc) already accounts for the roaming you do in your typical plan – meaning you’re not paying extra for leaving your home.

However, when you travel outside of your data carrier’s home coverage network – usually to another country – you’re likely to connect to a foreign network that’s not covered in your typical plan. To compensate for this, data carriers offer all sorts of “travel plans” – ranging from $10 per day to more hefty packages costing a few hundred dollars. Although they might be more “convenient” – culminating unsuspectingly in the background – they’re much less cost effective than free eSIM routes.

After downloading the USIMS app, inputting basic information about your travel & data roaming needs, and choosing a package for your trip – you’re already saving hundreds of dollars on travel plans. Of course, saving money isn’t the only benefit you redeem when choosing a free eSIM for your travel – there’s also a number of other aspects that can make your trip both more fulfilling and more secure.

Stay connected worldwide.

Benefits of Using A Free eSIM While Traveling

Not only can you potentially boast an international phone number on longer trips to those staying connected with you at home, free eSIMs like the ones provided by USIMS provide a sense of security to your personal information that otherwise might be compromised by a physical eSIM switch. According to studies on technological security from Aura, more than 1,500 reports of physical SIM card theft were reported in 2023 alone.

With nearly $70 million in damages and several hundred people being victim to data privacy violations, it’s no surprise that these “SIM jacking” crimes are causing harm. Of course, everyone always has a physical SIM in their phone, so it’s essential to always be mindful of watching your belongings while in public.

However, using an eSIM while traveling provides an added level of protection and piece of mind in the face of local attackers – safeguarding your personal information with an electronic SIM that’s already “embedded” in your phone.

Using an eSIM also helps to ensure environmental waste is kept at a minimum – as thousands, even millions, travel abroad each year with physical SIM cards that inevitably become trash once they’re home. So not only are you provided with fast, secure, and cost-effective roaming & connectivity, you’re also playing a role in helping the environment.

So, consider opting for an eSIM the next time you travel abroad – it’s flexible, easy, and hassle free. All from an app on your phone, you can get a free eSIM, pick a perfect-fit plan, and travel stress-free knowing you’re connected.

Post that Instagram photo! Call your mom back at home! Even book that extra flight to Italy, without worrying about the extra carrier costs! Traveling abroad is much more seamless and stress-free when you’re not worried about paying next month’s phone bill.

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